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XBMC Comes to Apple TV 2, iPad and iPhone

The XBMC team have announced an ARM-based release of their open source media player and entertainment hub for the Aple TV 2, iPad and iPhone. The software, that requires a jailbroken device, allows users to stream and play any audio and video format from local network stores. Your Apple TV also retains its normal functionality, and you can still watch/purchase content off iTunes.

Instructions are available for installing on the Apple TV 2 and the iPhone/iPad. Here are two videos of XBMC running on an Apple TV and an iPad.

XMBC is a great piece of software, and I have it installed on my original Apple TV streaming media from my 2TB ReadyNAS NV+.


Wikileaks Parody Music Video

Came across this parody music video of the whole Wikileaks/Cablegate debacle. It’s actually pretty good, check it out:


Swinglet CAM: Your Own UAV Spy Plane

This is epic full of awesomeness. The Swinglet CAM is a small computer-controlled flying thing (plane?) with a built-in camera. The computer software allows you to define a flight path that the Swinglet will automatically follow and pictures from the sky. You can even do in-flight path modifications and it will adjust its trajectory. It takes off when you throw it in the air, can fly for up to 30 minutes, and lands by itself.

Supposedly you can use it to look at the state of your crop fields from the sky, which sounds like a stupid use for this toy. If you know the girl next door sunbathes naked on the roof, now we’re talking! I want one but I’ll wait for a video-capable model that can fly for miles, and be controlled from my secret basement lair.

Check out this sample photo and the video below to make you want one for Christmas. The Swinglet CAM costs only €8,400 ($11,000)!


Pauldotcom Episode 221 – Talking Single Packet Authorization

Episode 221 of Pauldotcom Security Weekly is available for download. In it I give a tech segment about Single Packet Authorization, briefly describe how to configure your firewall and use fwknop to dynamically open ports.

The podcast is available on iTunes, and by direct download. Check out the show notes for full details. Thanks for having me on the show guys!

Here is a short video I made showing fwknop in action:


Johnny Five Returns as Battlefield Rescue Bot

Remember Johnny Five from Short Circuit? If you don’t, or are already too young to remember one of the awesomest movies from the eighties, here’s a refresher:

P.S. If you were a fan, the Short Circuit Comedy Series are worth a watch: Episode 1.

You’ll probably also know Johnny’s cousin WALL-E from Pixar:

Anyway, to cut an overly long post short… a real-life Johnny Five is being built by Vecna Technologies and, just as the character was, is intended for use in battlefield situations. This robot is called BEAR which stands for “Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot”:

Source: Weaponized Culture


Man Thrown Out of Airport for Refusing Pat-down

Hot on the heels of my last post about body scanners and invasive pat-downs, John Tyner apparently decided to opt-out and told the TSA agent at San Diego airport (SAN) that he did not want his groin to be touched. Specifically his words were: “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested” – which is a phrase we should all say to a TSA agent at least once in our lives (women that includes you). To cut a long story short, the situation was escalated and resulted in him being thrown out of the airport. He then went home and posted about the incident on his blog, along with videos that were surreptitiously recorded by his cell-phone. Drawn-out but worth a watch listen (unless you like watching a ceiling move):

Part 2, Part 3

When asked by his father-in-law why he was being so obstinate about opposing this encroachment on his civil liberties, John replies “if I don’t do it, nobody will”. It’s nice to see someone have the junk to stand up for what they believe in, especially if they’re willing to miss a flight because of it. My guess is he really didn’t want to fly with his father-in-law.

Funny thing is that after being ‘thrown-out’, he was told that he couldn’t leave the airport or face a civil lawsuit and a $10,000 fine if he didn’t come back and finish the screening. Clearly John didn’t want the screening, so at that point I’m wondering whether he might have to live within the confines of the airport for the rest of his life. Thankfully he told the TSA to “bring it” and just left. You tell ’em John.

In related news: BoingBoing suggests this book on how to explain to your child why they will be felt up by a random stranger in a uniform the next time you fly. I hope they use baby oil…

Source: Network World

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British Kid Does 24 Accents

This is off-topic, but as a fan of global accents, I just wanted to share this as this kid’s got mad skills. I wish I could pull off that many. Bringing it back on-topic slightly, this kind of stuff is absolute gold for social engineering.


Making Calls Using Keylock Bypass Bug on iOS 4.1

A keylock bypass bug has been found in iOS 4.1 which allows unauthorised users circumvent the passcode screen to make calls. It’s a pretty simply trick which involves entering a number (eg. 1) on the ‘Emergency Call’ screen, pressing Call and then immediately pressing the lock button. This brings up the Phone app where the user can pick a name from the contact list, or enter a phone number of their choice. To return the phone to normal (without rebooting it), just hold down the Home button until the Voice screen comes up, press Cancel, and then the lock button.

You are able to add/delete contacts, and open the Mail app by sharing a contact where you can then create and send emails.

Here’s a demo:

I’m running 3.1.3 on an iPhone 2G, and for some reason I can make arbitrary calls directly from the Emergency Call screen without any fancy tricks. Go figure.

These kinds of vulnerabilities are not unique to iPhones however, with similar bypass bugs being found in some Android-based phones.

[Update] Thanks Andy for clarifying what an attacker can do using this technique.

[Update 2] This bug has been fixed in the iOS 4.2 update.


Vulnerability in FaceTime Beta (Quietly Patched?)

FaceTime IconA vulnerability has been found in FaceTime Beta whereby a logged-in user can view and change any of the account details (including the security question/answer) for that account, without first being re-authenticated. There is also an issue with the logout function, as the password remains in the password field after logout, even after the application is quit and reopened.

Although no updates have been officially released, there are reports that some users can no longer reproduce these issues. Quiet fix by Apple? To be safe, you can avoid logging into FaceTime Beta on a computer you don’t own/fully trust until an official update or final version are released.


Can You Enhance It? No, You Can’t!

This kind of shit pisses… me… off…

Every time.

And I piss off my girlfriend by always bitching about it whenever it happens in a movie. She then bitches at me for always bitching about it. It’s counter-productive really ;)

“lock on and enlarge the Z-axis” lolwut?

Completely implausible hacking scenes in movies comes in a very close second mind you. Check out this article for more examples of how Hollywood fails at using technology in movies.