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My Favorite Top 10 Best #Protolol Jokes

No idea where it came from, but today the techno-geek community of Twitter woke up and decided en-masse that it was a good day to make pun-esque jokes about protocols and other computer technology. You probably need to be a geek to understand these, let alone find them funny. The following is a compilation of my favourite #protolols:

@yoz: order best is tell that The you thing can about jokes BitTorrent them in any
@eigenrick: The problem with TCP jokes is that people keep retelling them slower until you get them
@RichGibson: DHCP jokes only work when there is only one person telling them
: The problem with token ring jokes is you need to wait your turn to laugh
@dasfiregod: The worst part about token ring jokes is that if someone starts telling one while you are telling yours, all joking stops
@KippiHax: I was promised a three way and all I got was a TCP handshake
@xntrik: The problem with git jokes is everyone has their own version
@thornmaker: I would tweet a joke about CSRF if you hadn’t just done so yourself
@zhov: I tried to come up with an IPv4 joke, but the good ones were all already exhausted
@akujobi: My HEAD hurts because I don’t GET all the HTTP jokes y’all PUT on my timeline. I have to DELETE some of them POST-haste
And here are a few of my own:
@securitygen: I received a Tor joke from someone… have no idea who they are though…

@securitygen: I’d make a joke about UDP, but I don’t know if anyone’s actually listening…

@securitygen: Let me speak out in the open: Telnet IS a joke!
There’s a bunch more archived by Does anyone else have any good ones?
: The problem with token ring jokes is you need to wait your turn to laugh

Can You Enhance It? No, You Can’t!

This kind of shit pisses… me… off…

Every time.

And I piss off my girlfriend by always bitching about it whenever it happens in a movie. She then bitches at me for always bitching about it. It’s counter-productive really ;)

“lock on and enlarge the Z-axis” lolwut?

Completely implausible hacking scenes in movies comes in a very close second mind you. Check out this article for more examples of how Hollywood fails at using technology in movies.