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BackTrack 4 r2 “Nemesis” Released

[Update 10/5/2011] BT4r2 is now superceded by the new and improved BackTrack 5!

BackTrack 4 r2 (codename “Nemesis”) has been released and brings a number of updates aimed at improving “desktop responsiveness, better hardware support, broader wireless card support, streamlined work environment”.

Updates include an updated kernel ( with improved wireless support, USB 3.0, faster responsiveness, pruned and new packages, and a new BackTrack wiki for more documentation and support.

Users with existing BT4 installs/VMs can simply perform an update using:

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

BackTrack 4 r2 is available as a 2GB ISO, or 2.4GB VMWare image, on the downloads page (the BT4 download links appear to have been removed in favour of BT5).


BackTrack 4 R1 Public Release

Following a limited pre-distribution at BlackHat in Las Vegas, muts and the guys at Offensive Security have released the final version of BackTrack 4 R1. The changes are primarily kernel update (2.6.34) and improved wireless drivers. All packages have been updated, and a full Fluxbox desktop environment has also been added – see screenshot below and others here.

BackTrack is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution geared towards hackers/penetration testers, and comes with a variety of pre-installed security tools. The distro can be used as a Live-DVD, or installed like a normal Linux install. BackTrack 4 was released 6 months ago, on the 9th January 2010. The roadmap for the project can be found here.

The R1 ISO weighs in at 2GB and the VMWare image is 2.5GB. Both downloads are available here.

[Update] BackTrack r2 (Codename: Nemesis) is now available