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Apple Hires Former Navy/NSA Expert as Head of Information Security

Apple has reportedly hired former Navy and NSA expert, David Rice, as the company’s global head of information security. Rice is the author of Geekonomics (2007) about the danger posed to US infrastructure by unpatched vulnerabilities.  It’s rumored that Rice has been tapped to help Apple push further into the enterprise market (particularly iPhones and iPads), where security is becoming an increasing concern. Although Apple hasn’t formally commented on this position, Rice is expected to start work in March.

Sources: AllthingsD, Electronista


Top 100 Security and Privacy Tips

In celebration of the 100th post on Security Generation, I’ve decided that a list of 100 security and privacy tips would be appropriate. The tips start off basic then get a bit more complex, and cover a range of areas from general computer and information security, to safe web browsing, email security and privacy. Thanks to everyone who’s been visiting (and to those who are following on Twitter), I hope to keep bringing you useful and interesting content into 2011. Feel free to share this with others, and suggest any other tips that you think I may have missed out! Let’s kick off the 100 Security Tips, enjoy:

  1. Keep informed of current events in security by reading (or listening to) relevant security news
  2. Always be aware and alert for threats, and adjust your security to fit your current environment
  3. Be skeptical (not paranoid), and use common sense
  4. Ask for help or information if you’re ever suspicious or unsure about something
  5. Help educate others about good security practices, and point them to useful resources
  6. Regularly patch your system, browsers, and other software and mobile devices when updates are available
  7. If you use antivirus, and you probably should, update the signatures hourly at a minimum
  8. Don’t use an Administrator (root) account for day-to-day use. Set yourself up a standard user account
  9. Use good, strong passwords with a minimum of 8 characters
  10. Do not use “password”, abc123, 12345, qwerty, your username, any dictionary word, or any derivatives of these as your password! Read moreRead more