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Protecting and Recovering Your iPhone and iPad from Loss and Theft

My sister recently had her iPhone stolen, and it occurred to me that not enough people know how to help protect their iPhone/iPad from theft, what to do if it gets lost or stolen, and the steps to take even if they’re unable to get it back. Using a combination of security tips and geolocation, using Find My iPhone, you should have a much higher chance of recovering your device. Note that although this article is iPhone/iPad-centric… the principles apply to any smartphone!

NEW! Please refer to my Find My iPhone FAQ for the answers to some frequently asked questions (especially before asking a question in the comments). Read moreRead more


Test Your Password Strength with Password Meter

To continue my emphasis on the importance of password strengths, you can now quickly and easily check the quality of your passwords using Password Meter. This is a good cross-platform compatible solution, and allows users to understand how the strengths of passwords are calculated. Although no official weighting exists, the values they use seem very reasonable to me.

Although the script does not appear to send the tested passwords anywhere, this can easily change without notice. So always err on the side of caution, and use this to help you understand how to create a good password. Then create one equally strong in your head.

Note: for those of you who use Mac OS X, the built-in Password Assistant is quite good.

Those of you who require ultra-strong passwords, for use with encryption schemes for example, check out Steve Gibson’s Ultra High Security Password Generator.