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The pending apocalypse? Maybe more fact than fiction

Forget for a moment that the following video is a trailer for an upcoming Tom Clancy game, because it’s beautifully done and highlights a real danger that our world faces as we rely more and more of increasingly fragile systems and infrastructure. I think the things depicted in the video are a far bigger threat than things like terrorism, yet are hardly addressed today.

For those of you actually interested in the game, this gameplay trailer looks pretty cool.


Portal 2 Will Be Awesome

The Fortuitous Day of Exalted Happiness – aka the release of Portal 2 – is fast approaching. Steam currently have the release pegged for the 21st of April. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, or why I’m talking about games at all, Portal is a physics-based game where the player must use well-placed portals and other objects in order to escape from the level. In security terms (because that’s all some of you understand), you have to manipulate or bypass a variety of access control mechanisms through the clever use of basic objects and environmental features, in order to defeat physical security and get out. Failure to do so generally results in death by falling, drowning, squashing or other similarly unpleasant ends.

Although the original Portal was excellent, Portal 2 takes this to the next level with significantly improved graphics, much larger environments, new interactive elements and co-operative multiplayer. Thanks to Steam it will run on both Mac OS X and Windows.

I’ll stop talking now so you can watch the video below and then pre-order it… go on… I’ll wait here.