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Swinglet CAM: Your Own UAV Spy Plane

This is epic full of awesomeness. The Swinglet CAM is a small computer-controlled flying thing (plane?) with a built-in camera. The computer software allows you to define a flight path that the Swinglet will automatically follow and pictures from the sky. You can even do in-flight path modifications and it will adjust its trajectory. It takes off when you throw it in the air, can fly for up to 30 minutes, and lands by itself.

Supposedly you can use it to look at the state of your crop fields from the sky, which sounds like a stupid use for this toy. If you know the girl next door sunbathes naked on the roof, now we’re talking! I want one but I’ll wait for a video-capable model that can fly for miles, and be controlled from my secret basement lair.

Check out this sample photo and the video below to make you want one for Christmas. The Swinglet CAM costs only €8,400 ($11,000)!