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August 19, 2010


September: Month of Abysssec Undisclosed Bugs (MOAUB)

Security research group Abysssec have announced the start of the Month of Abusssec Undisclosed Bugs (MOAUB) on the 1st of September. Unlike previous similar month-long vulnerability releases which tended to be themed, such as MOAB (Apple bugs) and MOPB (PHP bugs), Abysssec will be releasing advisories for a number of vendors including Microsoft, Mozilla, Sun, Apple, Adobe, HP, Novel, and several others. Some advisories will include proof-of-concepts and exploits.

The MOAUB will be hosted at the Exploit-DB, and it’ll be interesting to see  how good the bugs will be.

Drop back here for my analysis of the more interesting vulns (including any Apple bugs).

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