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August 19, 2011


Safekeeper Hotel Safe Bypass Video

I spent a week in Hawaii on the way back from Blackhat and Defcon in Las Vegas, and my hotel room had a Safekeeper key-lock safe that you had to pay $5 a day to use. Turns out the safe was perfectly usable without the key – which I guess nullifies the safe’s entire purpose. Although it had a Medeco lock, the lock wasn’t really necessary, I used a paperclip as my ‘key’. There must have been something really wrong with the way the plug was installed, I’d be horrified if this ‘attack’ worked on all of these safes. Unfortunately I only had the one in my room to play with.

Check out my demo video below for some facepalm-worthy safe bypass action!

[Updated] A guy called Brad found that his electronic hotel safe could be opened using an all-zero passcode.

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  1. Nov 6 2012

    Where do i buy the paperclip of destiny?

    Hotels rarely use a decent safe, most as you found are in need of repair :-D

  2. Nov 7 2012

    Every locksmith should have a paperclip of destiny! ;)

    Here, it looks like Amazon has some:

  3. Ozane Mosley
    Apr 9 2018

    I have a safe like the one shown above we lost the keey so i drilled out the lock to open it now i need a new cylinder and key. can you Help? I was told by a lock smith that i would have to contact the maker of this safe.

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