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June 10, 2011


Locate Lost or Stolen Macs with ‘Find My Mac’ in Lion and iCloud

Apple’s popular Find My iPhone feature of MobileMe is being extended to Macs as well, as part of iCloud and Lion (10.7.2). It will also allow the person who found or stole the machine to login using a limited guest account (with only access to Safari), in order to allow your Mac to connect to the internet. As with the iOS version, Find My Mac will allow you to remotely send a message, lock or even wipe your computer.

I’m guessing the geolocation will be limited to triangulating local wireless networks, but I’m hoping it will also send back the public IP address of the network it’s currently connected to, which would help significantly when trying to recover a stolen device. I wonder how developers of commercial Mac tracking software are feeling right about now?

For more info and pictures check out this post at Cult of Mac. In other news, iOS 5 will finally bring the ability to delete entries from your call history.

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  1. Jun 21 2011

    As the developer on iAlertU who has also put uAlertMe out there for this sort of purpose, it’s good and bad.

    iAlertU does most of what you’re talking about above, but it’s integration with other iDevices is lacking. As my ongoing development efforts on the app go forward, I was planning to add iCloud integration so that both iAlertU and uAlertMe could use the iCloud to communicate in the event of a theft.

    The fact that Apple have already done this tells me that I was heading in the right direction. Should I continue now? Well I guess that will depend on whether there is still a real need for third party apps such as iAlertU in the first place. The other people out there working on Hidden, and similar services stand to lose a lot more.

    When a Mac is stolen, unless it is later connected to the internet, you as the victim have no way to access it. It’s very clever allowing guest access, because that effectively gets the Mac back on the internet, at which time it can ‘phone home’ and tell you where it is.

    Apples implementation will be seamless and beautifully integrated. I would love to have been a part of that development effort. This is the sort of thing that Apple does well; innovate and improve.

    Peter Easdown

  2. Tamya
    Apr 28 2012

    hey I have a lost laptop and i need help this no joke help me please

  3. Nov 23 2012

    I lost my Ipad 3 64GB 4G+wifi ….Am trying to search by Find my iphone but i think the thief already do recovery always the device is OFFLINE anyone have an idea if i can TRACE/TRACK BY SErial number?????

    Help plz….and how to track the Ipad by SERIAL NUMBER??\

    Thanks you

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