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February 24, 2011

WordPress 3.1 Released

WordPress “Reinhardt” 3.1 has been released, with the bulk of changes focused on the admin interface and functionality. Key improvements include:

  • A redesigned linking workflow
  • A funky new admin bar (hopefully it’ll be possible to customize this one)
  • A streamlined writing interface

I particularly like the new linking functionality, which simplifies linking to internal posts and pages on your site (screenshot below). No more having to find that page, and copy/paste the URL!

I was a bit apprehensive about updating, as it’s quite easy for plugins to break, and there’s no easy way to see the compatibility status of your plugins. If anyone feels up to it, I’d like to see a plugin that allows you to quickly check the compatibility status of all your installed plugins with regard to the next available version. That said, I updated, and it went flawlessly.

Other than that, this update does not have a significant impact in terms of security apart from the usual bug fixes.

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