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May 8, 2010

Guess Who’s Back?

Welcome to Security Generation!

Backups Plans - It's good to have them.

Following the sudden death of a while ago thanks to an unrecoverable RAID failure, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started from scratch! Apologies to those of you who kept visiting Securethoughts in anticipation of its return, only to see an outdated page telling you to check back again later. Unfortunately it’s taken me some time to make my return partially due to being busy, partially because I was hanging on to the hope that I’d be able to recover my data (which epically failed as you can see).

This site will continue in the same vein as Securethoughts and cover a number of topics including information & network security, Mac OS X, Single Packet Authorization and other techno-funky subjects.

I hope you enjoy the new style, and I look forward to filling these pages back up. Watch this space (or better yet subscribe to the RSS feed)!

Note: I’ve temporarily redirected Securethoughts’ old RSS feed to the new feed, however I suggest you update your RSS reader with the correct RSS feed.

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