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September 24, 2010


Can You Enhance It? No, You Can’t!

This kind of shit pisses… me… off…

Every time.

And I piss off my girlfriend by always bitching about it whenever it happens in a movie. She then bitches at me for always bitching about it. It’s counter-productive really ;)

“lock on and enlarge the Z-axis” lolwut?

Completely implausible hacking scenes in movies comes in a very close second mind you. Check out this article for more examples of how Hollywood fails at using technology in movies.


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  1. Sep 25 2010

    I love that video. There are some interesting critiques of this fantasy of ‘enhancement’ that occurred way before the present digital, CSI-obsessed era. The 1966 film Blowup explores the idea of ‘enhancing’ a photo beyond what is possible. It is a very weird but interesting movie. It inspired a bunch of films that did the same thing but with audio such as the 1981 film Blow Out. In the case of Blowup, the audience is left to wonder whether the pictures were ever even taken in the first place.

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