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Security Generation is the rebirth of my previous site, Following on from ST, this site features news, articles and forums that cover a variety of security and some non-security topics including information/network security, Single Packet Authorization, Privacy, Mac OS X, general technology, etc.

If the topics on Security Generation interest you, then have a look at my Twitter feed (@securitygen), as I’ll often micro-blog similar topics on there that may not make it onto the site.

About Me

I’ve been doing stuff on computers since the day I was born (or as close to it as realistically possible). My background is in computer science and information security, and I’m a strong believer in the importance of privacy and civil liberties. I currently work as a security consultant and penetration tester for a UK-based consultancy specialising in information security, <disclaimer>although all opinions you’ll see here are my own</disclaimer>.


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