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October 11, 2010

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  1. Raul Y
    Dec 26 2010

    The same thing just happened to my FB account, and I’ve followed the steps so far until reaching the geolocation map of the suspicious IP that attempted to log in.
    I have clicked the “I don’t recognize” button multiple times but I get no response at all, it’s like the page just hangs. Is it supposed to take that long? I’ve waited over 5 minutes for the next page/step to display, but nothing. What gives??

  2. Dec 26 2010

    HI Raul,

    This definitely isn’t normal. The page should refresh almost instantly. You may want to consider contacting Facebook security if you are still not able to complete the process.

    In any case, I recommend going into your Account Settings > Account Security, ending all other active sessions, and changing your password.

  3. Kobe
    Dec 28 2010

    I just recently had a suspicious login activity from Hanoi, Vietnam! I live in California. When I logged in, they showed me the map of that suspicious location, and I then changed my password. Does this mean that someone successfully logged into my facebook from that distant location, or does it just mean that attempted?

    Is it also necessary to change my password? I liked my old password. If someone did know my password, the only significant person info they would have is my email and birthdate.

  4. Dec 28 2010

    Hi Kobe,

    I think it your case it was just an attempted login. If it was a successful login, you wouldn’t have known, unless you had Login Notifications turned on, in which case it would’ve just told you.

    It probably wasn’t strictly necessary to change your password, although with anything relating to account logins and credentials, it never hurts to change your password (hopefully to something more secure – ie. not your birthdate ;). People get far too attached to passwords they ‘like’.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Kobe
    Dec 29 2010

    Thanks for the response SJ. I turned on my login notifications now.

    Do you have any idea as to how this person found my account? Or is this just a random act? I find the particular suspicious location very interesting since I am Vietnamese but I was born here in California…

  6. lady32
    Jan 17 2011

    the last 4 days I have changed my password over 5 times because of this, I also changed my email address, this thing is driving me crazy. I get this message almost every time I login. so what to do now? is someone trying to access my account or do i have problems with my pc. the logins were in periods of the day i wasn’t trying to access. is it possible to have your password stolen not even 12 hours after changing it??? i dont get. i have logged in only from my comp. and the other question is, if someone is really trying to access my account, how dd they get to my email address. nobody knows it. i changed it yesterday from my home pc. what can i do??

  7. Jan 17 2011

    Hi lady32,

    Getting a notification each time you login is strange. Only reason I can think is because you could be coming from a different IP each time? Probably not if you’re on ADSL. If you’re getting notifications even when you’re not trying to login, and after having changed your password, you could potentially have some malware that’s stealing your email/password.

    Try changing your password on another trusted computer (hopefully clean), and don’t login on your usual computer. Wait a couple days and see if the suspicious logins continue. If they don’t, you could have an issue on your computer. You can also try contacting Facebook to see if their security team can help.

    Hope this helps!

  8. lady32
    Jan 17 2011

    Thank you very much for answering so quickly.
    Every time i have changed password or email i did it from my home pc. I dont know, actually this started to happen after i formated it (is this the word) . I made a general scan from eset smart security ( from the one instaled on my pc and online. Nothing. I think the problem is that my account doesn’t recognize a known location from me. The thing is, i get it almost every time i login, ” u are trying to access from a location we’re not familiar with”. so ok, maybe its the ip change, but what about the logins in times of the day i havent even tried? is this time thing absolutely correct? Ah and please how can i contact facebook if this situation goes on? Thanks again

  9. Jan 18 2011

    It is indeed unusual that you’re getting login notifications even when you’re not trying. Like I said, you can try using another machine for a few days and see if that changes anything. Contacting Facebook security isn’t easy… but I recommend looking around on their security pages:!/security?v=wall

  10. butchie
    Jun 8 2011

    someone tried to hack mine for the third time and this time they were busted cause I turn on the saftey feature

  11. Sep 3 2011

    I logged to find someone had attempted to access my account from another unknown computer. I showed me a map and it turned out to be someone known to me. I need to get back to the page that shows the location of the IP address. Is this possible and if so how?

  12. Sep 3 2011

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m not sure you can get back to that suspicious login page. The only other page that is useful is the Active Sessions page:

    Hope this helps.

  13. Sep 3 2011

    Thanks, That shows the current Sessions location. The unknown user did not manage to ligin but made an attempt. Thank you for your quick reply.

    Andrew Dolan

  14. Marco
    Sep 10 2011

    So, will I see the message about attempted access to my account from an unknown computer (with the map) if they type in my email and a wrong password once or do they actually have to get beyond the email and password portion of the login. Also, will facebook let me know if someone tries repeatedly to login with the correct email and wrong password?

  15. Sep 12 2011

    Hi Marco,

    I believe you will get the ‘suspicious login’ page with the map only if they successfully log in. I don’t think you’ll see that page if someone is trying incorrect passwords for your account. If you do see that page and you don’t recognise the login (ie. you were on holiday somewhere at the time), I recommend changing your Facebook password. Make sure you choose a strong password! :)

  16. Marco
    Sep 16 2011

    SJ– Thanks! I appreciate the info. I haven’t seen the map with the suspicious login but my wife had that come up once shortly after she added the notification choice to her settings. Needless to say, she changed her password. Sad that people have time to try and hack into someone else’s facebook account.

  17. Dec 7 2011

    Marco. I had this happen today. I looked at the map given to me, and the location of the person who tried to log in as me is in my state, in fact not far from my current home location. This is relevant because my laptop was stolen in a burglary 2 weeks ago. So you might know the answer to my question, maybe not, but I’ll ask anyway. The Facebook security feature uses Geolocation to map the log-in attempt, which I understand is not very accurate, however, I believe the person trying to log-in is trying to do so from my stolen laptop, which would make it reasonable to believe that the location given to me is accurate (in my state and barely a city over) Could this position on the map Facebook is giving me be the correct general location?

  18. Dec 7 2011

    Hi Jason,

    To be more accurate, it’s not strictly geolocation that Facebook is doing, inasmuch that it doesn’t actually use GPS or WiFi location. It’s determining the user’s location based on their IP address, which means that in many cases it’s a rough estimate. That said, these days IP address locations can be very accurate, and most will at least point to the correct city. There are exceptions to this rule where you find that your IP address actually points to a town nearby (which might be where your ISP is situated).

    Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t divulge the suspicious IP, so you can’t follow up on it. In your case, I would assume the location is correct and go from there. You can try contacting Facebook to obtain the suspicious IP, but not sure whether they’ll divulge that information (even though it was accessing your account).

    Best of luck!

  19. me
    Mar 22 2012

    is there a way to track who has been logging into my fb account? almost daily, in my security settings/”active session” notations, it indicates an iphone user has logged onto my account. i do not have an iphone. i end the session, of course, but they eventually log back in. i have changed my password and cannot imagine who is accessing my account. i’ve registered my cell phone and home computer as identified “known devices” along with “login notifications” being enabled. i have never been contacted when this unknown device accesses my account, i just see it listed as an “active session”. besides initiating the “log in approval” option, is there a way to find out the identity of the iphone owner??…i would love to figure out who this person is!!

  20. Fred
    Mar 24 2012

    How about mobile? sometime i notice there’s suspicious location get through my account using iphone. I’m using iphone too. is it because of router IP?

  21. Denice
    Apr 4 2012

    Hi. I have an issue that my facebook status shows me to be in a totally different state. I have followed the facebook security procedure to delete the location from my security active sessions and I have changed my password but still when I post a status it shows me to be in a different state. I have repeated the procedure several times but still I am logged in a session from a different state. Can you advise me how to disconnect from the offensive location and get back to where I should be? Thanks!

  22. Apr 4 2012

    Hi Denice,

    This is not entirely uncommon. Sometimes the IP address provided by your ISP (for whatever reason), is actually associated with a different location. Either that or the GeoLocation database that Facebook are using doesn’t have the correct location.

    You’ve taken all the correct steps so I doubt anything suspicious is going on. I can only suggest to contact Facebook about it if you’re still worried.

  23. janat
    Apr 22 2012

    Having issues with my facebook DROID. Saying I am active in a different state, sometimes as many as 3I states. Im not anywhere near there. I have taken the necessary steps to stop the sessions. Does it mean they got in or not?

  24. Sarah
    Aug 22 2012

    Ok, so my little sister doesn’t have the best sense when it comes to things but she actually told me about her trying to hack her ex-girlfriend’s Facebook. Not sure why she told me, but she did and now ‘m worried she’s going to get caught/face charges.

    She said she knew the ex’s e-mail address but not the password to the e-mail account or her Facebook. She attempted to do the reset FB password by saying she no longer had access to the addresses on file. She typed in a new e-mail account and it asked for a new password but I guess it never actually reset? She said it brought up the security questions and she ended up answering them correctly right (I have no idea how she got this info) but she said never got an e-mail at the new address and it never actually went through with changing her password so basically she never had a successful login? She didn’t use those words but she did say she never actually got in the account.

    So, I’m her poor ex getting all kinds of notifications that someone TRIED to login to her account and it failed or would she have only gotten a notification had my sister actually gotten into the account successfully? I’ve pretty much given her hell about this situation and how wrong it was, but am trying to figure out how deep the mess actually is. Thanks in advance for feedback.

  25. R
    Aug 23 2012

    Hi, is there a way to view the history of the failed geolocated attempts after a successful login? I got that screen but didnt think much of it coz it was probably a glitch but then i found out someone’s trying to get inside my twitter too so im thinking its the same person and i want to find out who. Thanks

  26. dondon2232
    Sep 13 2012

    when im logged to facebook on my iphone through wifi which is a static ip address, on my active sessions it tells me each time i have accessed it even though the ip address hasnt changed and i havent logged in or out on my device, i have only accessed it from my app which is permantly logged in, so why does it keep saying ive logged in?

  27. Julie Kline
    Nov 8 2012

    How do I delete the time I was last active in my mobile messenger app?

  28. Kirsti West
    May 1 2013

    Everyone keeps dismissing the change in locations of logins and just waves it away saying its just IP address or location services a bit off. But even if it is, and its not people in a different state on the other side of the continent, then what’s the actual point of it all if its not accurate? Because in the end, I don’t know who or where the login originated. So it could be hackers, or it could be just us

  29. May 2 2013

    Most of the time it is actually fairly accurate. One giveaway to keep an eye on is the browser and OS that the suspicious login is using. If you only use Macs or iOS devices and the login is from a Windows device, then chances are there’s something suspicious going on.

  30. Maisie
    May 5 2013

    hi – how long does facebook keep a list of the active sessions it shows? does it clear it at some time? is there a way for it to not log where your last session was so someone else who logs into your account can see where you were?

  31. justin
    Jul 25 2013

    can i get like a map were i have logged into my fbook account from, i know use to i found a map showing where i was logged in at , now i cant find it ,, anyone know where to find it at ?

  32. Colleen Holbrook
    Jul 26 2013

    None of this is helpful. I got paranoid when any number of sessions seemed to be active all the time (up to 16 at one point). Paranoid, I went searching for help. After I learned how to set the text notifications, got security code protected, and changed my password 5 times, I STILL get notified that I am allegedly logged in from Hallsville, TX and Sugarloaf, PA. Occasionally it’s another random place I have never been to. I have never gotten any password codes texted to my mobile that I did not initiate when occasionally logging in from another computer. If it were really someone else, who has to go through the verification process, I should be getting texts with the login codes, right?

    Tonight, there were 3 “sessions open”. One for sure was my home computer and the other two were TX and PA again. I knew I was logged in from my home laptop and my mobile. I disconnected the active sessions except for my home session, and then logged in from my cellphone, while watching the security settings screen on my laptop. Bingo. As soon as I logged in on my phone, TWO sessions opened simultaneously from Hallsville, TX. (Does Verizon route my signal through other states? I am in Oregon). I closed FB on my phone, then closed one of those TX sessions, and opened FB on my phone.. No change, I was still logged in on my phone. I closed the other one. As soon as I refreshed the page on my mobile, I was sent back to the login screen.

    My only guess is that wherever your cellphone provider routes your signal is where you appear to be logged in from. I have no clue why it would be someplace out of state or even worse, out of the country as some of you have mentioned. Or why TWO would open when I only have one cellphone. Sigh. So, now what? Stop worrying because I pretty much proved I’m not being hacked? Or get more frustrated that this system is NOT accurate, so I will always have to be paranoid??

  33. Please Complete a Security Check
    Please choose one of the following methods to confirm your identity:
    Identify photos of friends (hourly limit exceeded)
    I need help. plz dont show thing this on my facebook plz

  34. Dyana
    Aug 4 2013

    Every time I log into my Facebook on a computer it show that an unrecognized device tried to log in to my account. I’m in Colorado and shows that I’m in Mount Laurel, NJ. It tells me that it’s based off of the computers IP address. My husband and I have had this computer since March of 2011 and it just started this the beginning of this year. Even after changing my password 4 times and ending “All Activity” it still shows up. I just changed my password today, and when I logged into my phone the message came up. But when I looked on the computer it showed the active session being where I am now. What can I do to stop this from happening?

  35. Edward Snowden
    Aug 19 2013

    The NSA is being given access to all accounts and the active sessions you see are data collection points. Your ISP is illegally giving them that access which is why they keep coming back after password changes. They don’t need your password. But don’t worry, comrades! If you aren’t hiding anything you have nothing too fear! Unless you attempt to practice freedom of speech incorrectly, or you happen to be acquainted with someone who doesn’t agree with the government, or if they happen to make a mistake and flag you as a troublemaker. Shhhh go back to playing Candy Crush.

  36. J DeVries
    Sep 9 2013

    Someone apparently tried to hack my facebook account. I changed my password and did a virus scan on my computer. The weird thing is that now when I log in I get a notification that asks me if it’s me logging in, which is fine. It IS me BUT it is not the location I currently am. Can anyone explain this or know how I can fix it? Also, my home page (msn) now shows the weather from this other location which I find odd and spooky. Is anyone able to help me or explain this? I’d really appreciate it.

  37. elaine
    Nov 4 2013

    Hi Dyana,
    The same exact thing that you mentioned happened to me . Thank you for sharing. It shows Mt Laurel NJ for my active sessions also. What a concidence . I am relieved knowing Im not the only one seeing this under active sessions.

  38. Art
    Dec 7 2013

    It says i am logged in from
    Current Session
    Location: Mount Laurel, NJ, US (Approximate)
    Device Type: Firefox on Windows 7
    No matter what I do, everything I cannot end the session and password change has no effect. many other people have the same re-route through this monitoring sub-contractor. Facebook will not help or answer help questions at all either. It is time to get to the bottom of this for once and for all. Serious breach and Facebook security controls are missing, or disabled. I am in Illinois.

  39. Cindy
    Jan 8 2014

    My Facebook and also my husbands Facebook shows that our accounts were accessed or there was attempts to access on 12/12 and also 12/13. Ironically, my family members received harassing phone calls on these dates from my husbands ex wifes family member. My question is, this family member lives in Titusville Florida, but it shows that the attempted access to our Facebook accounts was from Fort Meyers Florida. Can someone attempt an access but the location shown be off somewhat? One of the attempts was in Ky, a couple of hours away from where another family member lives. We live in Ky and haven’t been any where near the locations that came up on our Facebook accounts. This hasn’t happened to us before. Our anniversary is on 12/12. We’re having a hard time believing that these were coincidences. Thanks for your help!

  40. Jan 14 2014

    I Like facebook use

  41. Maria Rose
    Jan 26 2014

    Yep….showed Mt. Laurel, NJ & I am on the other side of the country. Very disturbing. I set up the code/notification & 30 min. later or less, the Mt. Laurel loc. came up again & I was able to block it.

  42. Cee
    Jan 26 2014

    Comcast offices are in Mt. Laurel, NJ. The IP may be connected if you use their service.

  43. Maria
    Jan 26 2014

    Maybe that explains why the FB app forever goes to a black screen then to my home page & if posting, all is lost. So I connect thru FB a lot thru google.

    We do use Comcast & I was on wi-fi. Most of the locations that show a connection are 20 min. away. Why not closer, like a family member’s connection in town is odd, but she has a newer phone.

    It was really odd to be on FB & then get a notification that someone in Mt. Laurel is trying to connect. I’ll keep an eye on this. Thanks! :)

  44. Cindy
    Jan 29 2014

    My Facebook and also my husbands Facebook shows that our accounts were accessed or there was attempts to access on 12/12 and also 12/13. Ironically, my family members received harassing phone calls on these dates from my husbands ex wifes family member. My question is, this family member lives in Titusville Florida, but it shows that the attempted access to our Facebook accounts was from Fort Meyers Florida. Can someone attempt an access but the location shown be off somewhat? One of the attempts was in Ky, a couple of hours away from where another family member lives. We live in Ky and haven’t been any where near the locations that came up on our Facebook accounts. This hasn’t happened to us before. Our anniversary is on 12/12. We’re having a hard time believing that these were coincidences. Thanks for your help!

  45. Cindy
    Jan 29 2014

    My Facebook and also my husbands Facebook shows that our accounts were accessed or there was attempts to access on 12/12 and also 12/13. Ironically, my family members received harassing phone calls on these dates from my husbands ex wifes family member. My question is, this family member lives in Titusville Florida, but it shows that the attempted access to our Facebook accounts was from Fort Meyers Florida. Can someone attempt an access but the location shown be off somewhat? One of the attempts was in Ky, a couple of hours away from where another family member lives. We live in Ky and haven’t been any where near the locations that came up on our Facebook accounts. This hasn’t happened to us before. Our anniversary is on 12/12. We’re having a hard time believing that these were coincidences. Thanks for your help!

    This is a repost…in hopes that someone can help. Thanks again!

  46. jay
    Apr 22 2014

    i recently traveled and have been challenged with a security ? i have never set to start with ? any input would help? thanks !

  47. May 29 2014

    Need this protection

  48. Jun 6 2014

    I received for around about 8 years constantly somebody changing my email adress aswell as my facebook name, the passwords also. I am been stalking by maliciously emails and unknown ghostfaces for my facebook like the two of my childern. Messages had been send to my childdrn and other family’s it accounts, prending that it is me sending it. For this moment are there three facebookaccounts on which I only have access to one because I can not enter with my password. The same happen with the other accounts. There was programs like Aurora Browsing, cd cloning and card cloning that I did not download at anytime. Different cellphonenumbers was on the one pc, for calling numbers bringing me incontact with people I did not phone. For instants if I call my husband my calls had been diverted to his co-workers. Can anybody help me, I do have virus proramming in tacked and ubdated.

  49. Jun 16 2014

    on my ipad on the main FB settings its coming up with someone else name, I couldn’t change the password here, so did it on my main computer thinking this would solve the problem. When I went to post some photos from my ipad onto the FB, its asking me for this other persons password, and on my ipad settings, its not allowing me to change the password, so I am unable to post anything. By going into FB another way I am able to get onto my FB page, but that’s it. I don’t know what to do as I have tried everything to get rid of this persons name.
    Has anyone had this problem before, and knows what to do.

  50. CM Harris
    Jul 13 2014

    Just started using the new FB messenger in March. One evening a friend had sent me a fairly long message I read it then went out for about 45m came home reopened my messages and that message was now just 4 lines. I wondered about my sanity if I had imagined the longer message~ after thinking about it (previous to this I also had noticed slight changes in an email that I had sent that weren’t things I wouldve said and spelling errors, to the same person) I sent her a message asking if it had been longer. She copy/pasted the original msg and no I wasn’t losing my marbles BUT this meant that on her side/view the message was still all there unaltered. This is a newer friend who lives in UK and other msg things have happened and I’m pretty sure she now thinks I’m a complete crackerjack because I’ve asked her a few x’s now about messages and if they were original etc. ANYWAYS this caused my head to really start spinning as to who & WHY would alter messages? ?? A few weeks later I was still trying to figure out the who/why so as a test I sent a message to a different friend (who now she too probably thinks I’m overly paranoid or plain ol’ crazy) in the test message I also said I was alarmed about the invasion of privacy and that I was going to take it to the authorities. Guess what?! Poof!! Shortly after sending that message the message that had been shortened to 4 lines suddenly went back to the original version~ evidence gone!!! This meant that it wasn’t a computer program changing my messages but a person! !!!
    So now I’m fairly concerned as to who/why BUT ALSO have messages that I’ve sent been altered?? but I wouldn’t know because my side can look the same/original but recievers is altered. The friend in UK is an online friend who doesn’t know me personally and I’m guessing she thinks I’m nuts.
    *ps~ if comment above was truly from Edward Snowden ~ just want to tell you I think you are extraordinarily brave and thankyou for your sacrifices. I’m surprised tthat people aren’t outraged by what you disclosed to us and from reading above posts there is ALOT of privacy invasion going on and its not just computer programs doing the reading and storage of citizens emails, messages, activities etc but actual people who obviously have no conscience and must be REALLY bored and malcontent to be choosing average citizens messages to read and then changing the messages (my experience) I know it sounds trivial but this has honestly caused me ALOT of stress and sleeplessness. WHY WOULD SOMEONE CHOOSE ME to read what I assumed would b private messages AND ALTER THEM. Have they altered my sent messages???…….

  51. sid creastha
    Jul 13 2014

    i want 2 to use my this email id but when cofirm it by my own mobile number it says my mobile number was already use for another account n i never did at last my email id was block wat should i do now in that case? but i want my own id

  52. Rahul lamsal
    Sep 17 2014

    I think this app is useful

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